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wolvzor in phonemenal

Exercise 1 - wolvzor

The cigarette was nearly extinguished by the time she walked back to her ex-fiance's wedding reception.

She couldn't quite explain the strong foreign rush of lust as his hands settled between her thighs; she blamed the overwhelming cologne wafting from his neck and her notorious streak in Lesboland.

She was all long blond hair and curves, with a quirky smile that dared me into speeding faster through the Nine's territory, her guns blazing into the starless night.

I never knew how much force the human ribcage could withstand until the full grown brown bear barreled its way into my chest.

He opens his eyes, only to be confronted by a milky cloud of film blurring his vision.

The chill from the cold stone bench shivers her burning thighs as she watches her lover exit the hedge maze.

She cringes in pain as the thick syrupy coat of medicine seeps down her throat, stinging each sore and crack on its way down to her stomach.

The steel-gilded doors crash open as Oriana Koral sweeps into the main hall of the royal castle.

“Do you have any regrets,” she asked me as her intense green eyes pierced through the casual conversation just seconds before.

She gasped and screamed as the last weld on the balcony railing snapped, tumbling her flailing body ten stories down before splattering through the length of the alley.


6 is very evocative. I like the action in 10 as well, it's very immediate and gripping.

I think 9 should probably be punctuated:
“Do you have any regrets?” she asked me

I like how you used a story specific title (the Nines) in the third one, it really gets me wondering about the story.
Yeah, I wasn't sure about the punctuation on #9. /shrugs, oh well. :)